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Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses


We have all been there; you’re shopping for a new pair of sunglasses to start the summer out right. You finally find a pair you love, but they cost a little more because they are “polarized”.  What are the benefits of polarized sunglasses anyway?

Below are just a couple reasons why polarized sunglasses should be your next pair!

Glare Reduction and Increased Visual Comfort

When you are out in the summer sun, light often makes it hard to see based on how it reflects off an object. With lens polarization, visibility is improved by reducing this glare on surfaces, especially water. By reducing the eye strain and squinting, it allows your eyes to relax and not work as hard to take in what is around you.

Color Perception

 Polarized lenses not only provide an enhancement of contrast, they also improve color perception. Colors around you seem brighter and more vivid.  You might even be stunned to see how crisp your vision becomes!